CAN DO - Humboldt Industrial Park WWTP, Hazleton, PA

WWTP Modifications Project (2005 - present)

Permitting and design for the project have been completed. Engineering support and construction inspection is currently being provided for the Owner.  The project included obtaining PA State funding from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) for the plant upgrades which include nutrient removal capabilities.  Average daily flow for design processes was 1 MGD with a peak hydraulic capacity of 2 MGD.  The project construction cost is $5.2 million and consists of the following:

  • Influent pump station and head-works including, mechanical screening, grit settling and 1 million gallon equalization tank with course bubble aeration
  • Anoxic tanks with zoned mixing
  • Modifications of existing treatment tanks to accommodate the installation of fine bubble aeration with DO control and clarifiers
  • Effluent sand filters and chemical feed building.

Mechanical screen

Screening, Grit Settling and Equalization Tank Pump Station

Pre-cast concrete equalization tank erection

Construction Site & Concrete Filter Structure

Head-work area and chemical feed building

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