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General Description of Services
  • Complete design engineering and construction administration, including

    • treatment plant modifications and improvements
    • pump stations
    • interceptors and sanitary sewers
  • Preparation of PennDOT, Pennsylvania Turnpike, and CSX Railroad Permit Applications

  • Preparation of PADEP Permits and Reports, including

    • Chapter 94 Reports
    • Corrective Action Plans
    • Act 537 Plans and Revisions
    • Connection Management Plans
    • High Flow Maintenance Plans
    • NPDES Renewals
    • Comment and Negotiation of PADEP Consent Orders and Agreements
  • Participation in TMDL Development

  • Preparation of Local Limits (EPA Pretreatment Program)

  • Preparation of Act 57 Tapping Fee Calculations

  • Hydraulic monitoring, evaluation and characterization of collection system

  • Development of long-term Collection System Investigation and Rehabilitation Program

  • Review of developerís plans and inspection of developerís construction

  • Municipal and Industrial Planning Studies (water and wastewater)

  • Design of water booster pump stations and transmissions mains

  • Operation of groundwater remediation system at EPA Superfund site

  • Operator Training

  • Expert Witness Testimony

Engineering, Consulting & Design
  • Municipal and Industrial Planning Studies
  • Conceptual Process Engineering
  • Process Investigation and Troubleshooting
  • Complete Sewer and Plant Design Services
  • Complete Sanitary Collection Conveyance System and Treatment Plant Design
  • In-House Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)

Since EEMA first began we have had a vision, a clear and simple vision of precise work combined with a high level of personal service.

You don't just hire us, we form a partnership with you right from the start. Personal attention is reflected in our commitment of resources and personnel. It's at the heart of the way we work together for your success. A strong sense of purpose keeps us focused on helping you complete your project on schedule and within budget.

In every situation, we emphasize an imaginative and cost-sensitive approach to problem-solving. Each of our clients - no matter what size, what stage of development, or type of organization - receives added value from working closely with our full-service firm.

General Description | Engineering, Consulting & Design | Industrial | Small Treatment Plants


Environmental Engineering & Management Associates, Inc. has performed a wide variety of engineering services to a diverse range of industrial clients throughout the eastern United States, including chemical industries, pulp and paper mills, dairies, animal processing facilities, fruit processing facilities, ladder manufacturing and industrial parks.

EEMA has provided water supply studies, well permit applications, permit transfer and renewal applications, operations consulting, energy optimization, compliance assistance with pretreatment programs and process optimization assistance.

Small Treatment Plants

Over the past two decades, Environmental Engineering & Management Associates, Inc. has provided engineering services to a wide variety of camps and schools throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey Treatment plant sizes have ranged from 10,000 gpd to 50,000 gpd. In many instances, the wastewater treatment plant had been out of compliance for several years; EEMA worked with the owners and regulators to bring the plants back into compliance expediently and economically.

EEMA has provided design and permitting for the installation of floating aerators in many existing lagoons. EEMA has also provided operational assistance to ensure regulatory compliance

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