Upper Moreland-Hatboro Joint Sewer Authority (UMHJSA), Willow Grove, PA

Effluent Pump Station/Ultra-violet Light Disinfection System (2003-2007)

Permitting, design and engineering support during construction was provided for the Authority.  The project construction cost was $5.9 million and consisted of the following:

  • Effluent pump station and control system,  consisting of four (4) submersible propeller pumps capable of pumping 43 MGD with 1 pump out of service;
  • Replacement of the existing low pressure UV disinfection system with a new medium pressure system and controls capable of disinfecting 30 MGD;
  • Construction of a new UV and effluent pump station control building.

A pre-engineered metal building was designed and constructed to house a new Trojan 4000 Plus UV disinfection system.  The building also contains the necessary electrical components and controls for the new effluent pump station. 

The effluent pump station was designed and constructed to fit inside the existing disinfection tank.  The station consists of four (4) 60 H.P. Flgyt submersible propeller pumps, on variable frequency drives.  The new pump station and associated slide gates in the disinfection tank, gives the plant the ability to better handle peak flows during storm conditions.

Site Overview

Trojan UV Disinfection System & Control Building

Effluent Pump Station Discharge Tubes

Control Building & Effluent Pump Station




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