Outsourcing O&M Services FAQS

O&M Services understands that you may have some questions regarding having the O&M of your facility managed by an outside company.

Can outsourcing save us money?
O&M Services brings over 40 years of experience on more than 200 treatment facilities ranging in size from 0.1 to 100.0 million gallons per day (gpd) capacity. This experience and technical know-how enables us to reduce wasted effort and expense while improving the efficiency in each step of the treatment process to its maximum capability. In addition, we can provide technical assistance to our facilities managers at a level not available to the municipal or industrial manager, at a cost well below normal consulting fees. These factors, combined with O&M Services ’s focus on both technical and financial performance of each project allows us to provide you with a guaranteed lump-sum price.
Will we lose control of our facility?
By contracting with O&M Services, you will not lose control of your facility but actually increase control by having a single source responsible for the smooth performance of your facility ’s O&M. O&M Services ’s goal is to develop a true partnership with you. We do this by providing effective management of process, personnel, and maintenance functions and communicating with you regularly to ensure all situations are addressed promptly and result in smooth O&M of your facility.
How can it save me time?
O&M Services will relieve you of the time you usually spend defining current issues, procuring qualified personnel to evaluate these issues, reviewing consultants ’ reports, determining a course of action, and implementing those actions. In addition, as your contract O&M provider, O&M Services will monitor performance, determine emerging issues, address those issues, and communicate with you on each step of the process. If a situation arises that requires capital improvements, O&M Services will define the need, evaluate the alternatives, present you with a concise report, assist you in the selection of an appropriate course of action, and then implement that course of action.
What will happen to our current O&M Staff?
O&M Services typically recruits and trains personnel needed for the O&M of your facility from your existing staff. If we are unable to fully staff your facility with existing personnel, we would then recruit qualified persons from the outside.
Who will be responsible for permitting?
O&M Services administers the permit and performs all testing and reporting required. You can be assured that your facility will be operated in compliance with all permit conditions within its design capability. O&M Services also interfaces with regulatory agencies. Our substantial experience with EPA, state, and local regulatory agencies enhances our ability to negotiate permit conditions, compliance schedules, and capital improvement requirements to your benefit.
What happens if we decide to discontinue our contract?
Most of our clients choose to renew their contracts with O&M Services based on their satisfaction with our performance. However, if you should choose, for any reason, to discontinue your contract, O&M Services will assist you with the transition. As a rule, most employees prefer to remain in their existing roles and recruiting staff is usually not a problem. If, however, it becomes necessary to hire and train new personnel, O&M Services would be happy to assist in this process.

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