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Solving Your Toughest Challenges

Contracting with separate firms for each of these functions can be costly and time-consuming. Oftentimes, teams are formed from disparate partnerships of design, construction and operation and maintenance (O&M) firms that have not worked together as a team in the past. The result is overlapping processes, duplicated effort, conflict between partners, and hidden costs. The owner, who has its core business to run, often ends up functioning as a general contractor or, in the worst of cases, as a referee. The result is higher costs, longer schedules, and inferior-quality services. In addition, in existing facilities, higher levels of technical complexity and every- increasing regulatory requirements can also take time away from the owner ’s core business.

O&M Services understands these concerns and has a proven delivery system of integrated services to solve all your design/build, facility ownership, and O&M needs. O&M Services is at the forefront of the developing design/build market in offering total solution services, and O&M services can provide cost-effective management that will allow you to concentrate on your core business.

Our nationwide engineering/design/build capability not only prescribes the best-engineered solutions for your water and wastewater environmental problems, but also implements those solutions. In addition, if you desire, O&M Services can assume ownership of your facility and provide O&M services on a regular basis. In this role, O&M Services is responsible for all aspects of managing the facility, including providing all necessary supplies and materials, all labor staffing, on-site status inspection, and 24-hour-a-day,7-day-a-week on-call service to respond to any system failures. O&M Services works with local and state officials and regulators, and establishes a health and safety plan (HASP) for the operation of the facility, as well as a preventative maintenance program that includes scheduled maintenance for all equipment. Finally, O&M Services can train and oversee your personnel as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition should you later decide to have O&M of the facility back under your control.

FAQs - Why Outsource O&M Services?

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