Services provided by EEMA O& M Services Group:
  • Utilities management
  • NJ certified operations staff
  • Liaison with Ferro’s maintenance department
  • NJ certified boiler operators
  • Solids handling optimization

The Ferro Corporation was experiencing difficulties with maintaining permit compliance along with fluctuating costs due to inadequate management of their Delaware River Plant utilities department. Through an RFP process EEMA O&M Services Group was chosen to operate the water, wastewater, steam and compressed air utilities. EEMA O&M Services Group has minimized utilities cost fluctuation, brought the waste treatment plant into permit compliance, improved site utilities management that has allowed EEMA O&M Services Group to identify major equipment and maintenance deficiencies. EEMA O&M Services Group has undertaken a cost reduction program in the areas of excess contractor usage and sludge disposal costs via disposal site investigations and negotiations and sludge reduction. EEMA O&M Services Group has also brought the utilities back into compliance with Ferro’s comprehensive safety program’s requirements.

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