Project - Lee County PSA, Jonesville, VA

The Lee County Public Service Authority (PSA) has three waste-water treatment plants and ten sewage pumping stations. Prior to the O&M Services Group’s involvement, the PSA had considerable difficulty with permit compliance. Further, their newest treatment plant was plagued by odors and odor complaints.

The O&M Services Group was awarded a contract to operate and maintain all three of the treatment plants and the pumping stations. We have reversed the history of non-compliance with the treatment plants and are working with the PSA to control overflows at the pumping stations caused by excessive I&I and system overload.

Services provided by EEMA O & M SERVICES GROUP:
  • VA certified operations staff
  • Sludge dewatering and sludge disposal
  • Maintenance of treatment plant and pump station equipment
  • Normal operations supplies
  • 24-hour on-call services for emergencies

Contact: James Parsons PO Box 830 Jonesville, VA 24263 (276) 346-7775


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