Project - Hampstead Industrial Center

Project: Contract O&M Hampstead Industrial Center, Hampstead, Maryland Owner/Client: AG/GFI Hampstead, Inc. Facility: Industrial Wastewater, Sanitary Wastewater, and Water Treatment

The Hampstead Industrial Center combines warehousing and storage facilities with an assembly and manufacturing plant for Black and Decker. The manufacturing plant includes a powdered metal fabrication area. EEMA provides operations and maintenance for the process and sanitary wastewater from the complex as well as drinking water permit compliance.

A portion of the air stripper effluent is recycled within the facility for manufacturing and potable water needs. The spent water is treated biologically and then pumped through a separate chemical precipitation treatment plant prior to discharge to the receiving stream. This is a full treatment facility that has:

  • Equalization system.
  • Physical and chemical treatment.
  • Biological treatment.
  • Sludge disposal (Plate and Frame press).

EEMA has full responsibility for compliance with the NPDES discharge limits set by the Maryland Department of the Environment. The plant has remained in complete compliance with all regulatory limits.


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