Project - Oaks Landfill Leachate Pretreatment Facility

Project: Operation and Maintenance of the Oaks Landfill Leachate Pretreatment Facility, Montgomery County, MD Facility: Leachate Pretreatment Facility Oaks Landfill, MD

EEMA designed and constructed a leachate pretreatment plant and oil and grit separator for Montgomery County, MD, at the Oaks Sanitary Landfill. EEMA is currently operating this facility.

The pretreatment system, which is housed within a pre-engineered building, also includes the following:

  • pH adjustment and primary clarification for the removal of metals, suspended solids, and insoluble biological oxygen demand (BOD).
  • Biocells for BOD and chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduction.
  • Secondary clarification to settle biological solids.
  • Sludge holding tank and lime slurry tank.
  • Filter presses for dewatering sludge to 20% to 30% solids concentration.

Along with the design and construction of the pretreatment facility, EEMA secured all permits related to plant construction. This included reviews by local county agencies for storm water and sedimentation control and general construction permits, state permits for potable water and sanitary facilities, and state permits for electric power. The plant effluent discharges to the WSSC wastewater collection system.


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